McConnell Log

Ode to John Swinney

Lang streak o’ pish

And awfy skinny

Wee roond glasses

That eejit John Swinney;

Nae brains, nae guts

A total ninny

Hair like a Nazi

That eejit John Swinney;

I’ve seen less grease

On ma mammy’s pinney

Oh thank God for

That eejit John Swinney.

McConnell Log

Stockline sorrow

Plastics explosion. Loads deid.

Mair troubles on my heid.

No ma fault.

McConnell Log


If you cannae rely on Reliance

Whit can ye do

Cons will be on the skite

And I’ll be on the broo

Oh Reliance they are wonderful

Reliance they are swell

They transport the prisoners

And let them go as well

And when a killer’s on the run

You can always tell

When some bugger’s been freed by Reliance