Month: February 2003

  • Tories in Trouble

    I’ve been having a good think about the state of the Conservative Party in Britain. Two minutes it took me. Shower of flamin’ losers. Lady Thatcher would be turning in her grave if she could see the mess this lot was in. If she was dead. To think that the party she led to three […]

  • Evacuees

    Hello sweeties, here’s the skinny on the social scene. And the big news is…. it might be moving out to the sticks. Tristram Parker-Wayne invited me down to his place in Sussex at the weekend to discuss what was going to happen when this dreadful war starts. Not just the two of us, you understand. […]

  • Simply Not Cricket

    This Cricket World Cup in South Africa is really confusing me. Well, it’s just not cricket is it? It’s politics, it’s death threats, it’s drug taking, it’s racial slurs. It’s everything except flaming cricket. I don’t really know what the problem is with these English lads not wanting to play in Zimbabwe. Are they afraid […]