Tag: Politics

  • Screaming Lord Sutch

    Few political party leaders have had funerals marked by the presence of leopardskin armbands, a cavalcade of motorbikes and rock and roll.  But then David Edward Sutch was no ordinary politician. Screaming Lord Sutch, who was the longest-serving party leader as head of the Monster Raving Loonies, was found hanged at his home on 16…

  • G Gordon Liddy

    The former FBI agent who helped plan the Watergate break-in has capitalized on his burglary legend and taken his political views to the airwaves.  George Gordon Liddy’s ultra-conservative radio talk show based in Fairfax, Virginia is broadcast on 232 stations nationwide.  Liddy was convicted for his role in the Watergate break-in, for conspiracy in the…

  • Tommy’s Ode to Joy

    On the occasion of Mr Tommy Sheridan announcing that he may form a new socialist party after infighting among the members of the SSP prompted by salacious and unfounded tales of his private life. Mr Sheridan has been found by a court of law to be not guilty of random and wanton shagging. These are…

  • Ode to Tommy Sheridan (Allegedly)

    On the undignified occasion of the court case involving Thomas Sheridan and the News of the World.

  • A very liberal democrat

    On the happy occasion of the announcement of the forthcoming lesbian nuptials of Margaret Smith, Liberal-Democrat MSP for Edinburgh West.

  • Ode to Gorgeous George

    Ode to a fearsome opponent

  • Charlie’s awa

    On the sad occasion of the resignation of Charles Kennedy

  • Ode to poor Charlie Kennedy

    Ode to a fearsome opponent

  • Edwin Morgan’s tea is oot

    On the occasion of Edwin Morgan writing doggerel associated with our new parliament

  • Local Government Councillors

    The charge: that they did wilfully and systematically bring into disrepute the name of local democracy through the pursuance of vainglorious self-gratification; further that they did allow the pompous, egotistical and disrespectful amongst their number to dominate to the detriment of the constituents whom they are elected to serve and the officers who are charged…