Ozzie Osbourne

Ozzie OsbourneBorn in 1948 in Aston, Birmingham as John Michael Osbourne, the fourth of six children.  The Osbourne family lived in poverty and a crowded house. Ozzy was beaten regularly by his father, mainly for behavior such as trying to kill his siblings.  Constant fighting and arguing between Ozzy’s parents about their financial situation finally prompted him to try and do something about it.  At the age of fifteen, Ozzy took his first job as a plumber’s assistant. Ozzy also tried some jobs in crime; this later landed him in Birmingham’s Winson Green prison for a short time for burglary.  Once he was released, he never wanted to go back, so he decided to try and make a career in music.  Ozzy joined and left many bands which never went anywhere before forming Rare Breed which became Earth which became Black Sabbath, named after a Boris Karloff movie.  After a successful solo career he only became really famous when he let a documentary crew film his dysfunctional family and he became an MTV superstar.

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