Allan Williams

Allan WilliamsThe first manager of a Liverpool combo known as The Beatles.  This plumber and owner of the Jacaranda club was the man who took them to Hamburg in 1960 and set them on the road to a relatively successful career.  He first met the Fab Four when they came into the Jacaranda and was the man who fixed him up with their first, and best, drummer, Pete Best.  However after one packed gig in the German city, the Beatles didn’t bother to give Williams his £14 cut.  He immediately sacked them, vowing that they would never work again.  Williams’ parting shot was to tell anyone interested in taking over The Beatles that he "wouldn’t touch them with a f*****g bargepole.  Brian Epstein didn’t take Williams’ advice.  Nor did he take him up on his offer to have his piping reworked and a new-fangled shower fitted.  In hindsight, possibly the correct decision.

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