Smith Wigglesworth

Smith WigglesworthA world-famous Christian evangelist and one of the few men named Smith with the power to raise people from the dead.  Born in Yorkshire in 1859, Wigglesworth was picking crops for a living at the age of six and working 12 hours a day in a woollen mill by the age of seven.  His family were very poor.  Aye but they were happy though.  He became a plumber by trade but he was not an ordinary plumber.  He preached the good news to all of his customers and many were saved.  News spread far and wide of The Bradford Plumber who healed the sick and restored life to the dead.  Wigglesworth conducted healing meetings worldwide to audiences of thousands.  Smith is said to have told God, "I’m going to trust you to provide for me.  If ever I have less than three good suits in my closet, I’m going back to work as a plumber."  He never did plumbing work again.  Smith Wigglesworth died in 1946, aged 87.  If he had only been in his prime in the television age, he’d have made his fortune.

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  1. I was researching this plumber on Wikipedia and found the information there that when preaching his cures to various ailments his methods often involved hitting, slapping or punching the afflicted part of the body. I cannot imagine that such rough treatment would be permitted on the TV these days, with so much attention to safety, but it would certainly draw in the viewers!

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